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Infrasound - Deconstructor Album - Fiyas
GAR041 Horror Soundbeds Vol 1_cover-Fiya
GAR042 Horror Soundbeds Vol 2_cover-Fiya
Be Our Guests_cover.jpg
Noise Candy-Fiyastarta Album_Heavy Hitte
My First Movie Placement.jpg
Rump ba ba bum-Ore-400x400-72dpi.jpg
Chazz "Fiyastarta" Padilla releases his 4th Trailer Album of 2019, his latest Hip-Hop/Trap Trailer album on Infrasound Trailer Music!  Containing his hottest Hip-Hop/Trap Trailer songs to date!  Featuring huge drums and beats, modern synths, massive production, and dope rap vocals from Hit World Records recording artist "Ore"!
Our CEO Chazz "Fiyastarta" Padilla teams up with Gargantuan Music to release his debut Horror Albums "Horror Soundbeds Vol. 1 & 2".  Chazz also launches Epicenter Music's new Horror Music division "Deranged Muzik"!
"Be Our Guests" (2019) Released on Halloween Night on Amazon Prime Video, featuring "Deranged Banger" by Fiyastarta. It closes the movie off at the end perfectly with Fiyastarta's unique style of modern Hip-Hop Horror music.
Our CEO Chazz "Fiyastarta" Padilla releases his first Trailer Music album "Heavy Hitters", available now on Noise Candy Music!
"Between" (2018) chosen for Glenn Film Festval, featuring "Run 2 U" by ChazzTraxx Ft. C-ROW. Produced our Head Producer/Composer "Chazz"


Chelsea Hollis is a beautiful and very successful 36-year-old Marriage Counselor in Atlanta, Georgia who has been married and divorced four times! She helps people fix their relationships but she has totally given up on love. She believes that women should take control over their destinies and should be in charge of their lives, 100% in control of their emotions and the choice of who to sleep with and when to do it.

She meets Scott Hamilton and a one-night stand blossoms into a romantic relationship until she finds out that the man who is about to change her perspective on love, may just be much more than what she expected. When loving the right one is so wrong, what do you do?

"RUMP BA BUM BUM" by Ore (Produced by ChazzTraxx)
TV Placement on NCIS

Hit World Records rap artist "Ore" lands a major placement on NCIS this Christmas!

Speed Up-cover.jpg
"SPEED UP" by Ore (Produced by Fiyastarta)
TV Placement on "The Vault"

Hit World Records rap artist "Ore" lands a major placement on "The Vault" this Summer!

Epicenter Music-2019.png
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