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C.E.O./Hit Producer/Composer: Chazz aka "FIYASTARTA"
Brian "Chazz" Padilla aka "FIYASTARTA" is a former Arista Records #5 Billboard Charted Hit Recording Artist, Music Producer, Trailer Composer, Record Label Owner, House/Hard House Music Legend, and DJ.  He's an extremely diverse multi-genre producer specializing in Hip-Hop (All Styles), EDM/Dance, Pop, Rock, R&B, Latin/Reggaeton/Dancehall, and Cinematic Music. In 2019, Chazz was asked by a popular Trailer Label if he could combine his talents and compose Hip-Hop/Trap Trailer Music.  Within a year in the trailer music industry, he has quickly become the go-to guy for his Original Hip-Hop, EDM, Horror, & Hybrid/Orch Trailer Music.  He has since released music and solo albums with many of the best Movie Trailer Labels in Hollywood.
Chazz is also the CEO and Sole Composer of Epicenter Music, Deranged Muzik, and Hit World Records.

Fiyastarta's music has been placed in many TV Shows including Jane The Virgin, Castle, Batwoman, Finding Carter, NCIS, McGyver, In The Vault, The Arrangement, The Art of More, many MTV Shows, the 2018 Romantic/Comedy movie "Between", and the 2019 Horror movie "Be Our Guests".


In October 2018, Fiyastarta won 1st Place in ModernProducer.com's First-Ever Worldwide Producer Contest out of over 4500 submissions.  He also owns Hit World Records/Hit World Entertainment, utilizing his network of singers, rappers, and songwriters, making him capable of quick turnarounds for any Custom Music requests for Sync & Music Licensing to TV.Film/Video Games.

In 2018, Fiyastarta re-invented his record label, Epicenter Music as a One-Stop Music Licensing and Production & Trailer Music Company.  Epicenter Music has a vast music library available for licensing, and a new award-winning Custom Music department.  He signed and produced Epicenter Music's first rap artist Ore, and has since placed Ore's songs in many TV shows, generating sync license fees and worldwide promotion.  Ore and Fiyastarta's music has since become a favorite among many of the top TV music supervisors and Film Trailer editors in Hollywood.


In 2019, Fiyastarta infiltrated the Trailer Music Industry, and has been deemed one of the hottest new Trailer Music Composers by many major trailer music publishers, releasing six trailers albums in 2019.

In 2020, Chazz started the year off by signing a major worldwide publishing deal for his Epicenter Music label. He went on to sign his second rising rap artist Kap Peezy to his Epicenter Music record label.  Look out for Chazz's "Fiyastarta EP Ft. Kap Peezy" releasing Summer 2020.  With Epicenter Music's new worldwide publishing and promotional deal, Chazz expects much more lucrative sync licensing opportunities, worldwide promotion, and hit album releases for his Epicenter Music recording artists.

Much more major partnerships, artist signings, music releases, and TV, Film, Video Game, and Movie Trailer licensing deals in the works for 2020 and beyond!

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