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C.E.O./Hit Artist/Producer/Composer/Trailer Composer:
Chazz "Fiyastarta" Padilla - Short Bio:

Brian "Chazz" Padilla aka "FIYASTARTA" is a former major label Arista Records #5 Billboard Charted Hit Recording Artist, Music Producer, Trailer Composer, Record Label Owner, a 90's Hip-Hop, Latin Hip-Hop and House/Hard House Legendary Music Producer/Recording Artist, and DJ.  He's an extremely diverse multi-genre producer specializing in Hip-Hop (All Styles), EDM/Dance, Pop, Rock, R&B, Latin/Reggaeton/Dancehall, Cinematic, Horror, and Trailer Music.
Fiyastarta 2019.jpg

Chazz's Introduction to the Trailer Music World:


In 2019, Chazz was asked by a popular Trailer Label if he could "trailerize" his Hip-Hop/Trap music. Just like any other relentlessly driven, yet clueless person..he said "YES, OF COURSE" (and try to figure it out along the way)! Well, he more than figured out how to properly compose trailer music and the structure it's known for. Within a year in the trailer music industry, he quickly became the go-to guy for his unique style of Original Hip-Hop/Trap, EDM/Pop, Horror, & Hybrid/Orch Trailer Music.  He has since released music and solo albums with many of the best Movie Trailer Labels in the world.


In 2020, Chazz revamped his record label Epicenter Music to include his personal Trailer & Production Music catalog for sync licensing purposes for Film, TV, Promo/Commercials, Movie Trailers, and Video Games. After becoming well-known as a go-to guy for his unique Trailer Music, he now deals directly with all the biggest trailer houses and music supervisors in Hollywood. 

Although the Covid-19 Pandemic slowed down movie production in 2020, Chazz was still landing nice TV show placements while taking his extra quarantine time to develop a large Trailer & Production music catalog for Epicenter Music in 2021. During this time, the pandemic also taught him to look elsewhere for music income. He then sought out to strike sub-publishing deals with some of the biggest global sub-publishers. His Epicenter Music catalog is now represented by the same companies as the biggest Trailer Labels, competing at the top level against the best in the biz!

In early 2021, Chazz has been receiving the most TV and Movie Trailer placements to date! Including some huge trailer placements for upcoming blockbuster film sequels! Besides working directly with L.A.'s top music supervisors and trailer editors, he has also developed relationships and partnered with top placing sync agencies. Stay tuned to this page for more amazing news and updates on Chazz "Fiyastarta" Padilla's Epicenter Music/Epicenter Trailer Music/Deranged Muzik... 

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